For first class home improvement services, choose Safe Seal Home Improvements. Based in Bury, Lancashire, our reliable company takes pride in providing a number of attractive, affordable options. From roof installations to the fitting of fascias, guttering, and soffits, we’ll accommodate your requirements efficiently without ever compromising our standards of quality.

3 simple steps

The home improvement services we offer all conform to a simple, convenient process. The manner in which we work is as follows:

1. Design and Quote – We’ll devise a plan and offer a quotation for you in the comfort of your own home, while catering to all of your needs and requirements.
2. Survey and Manufacture – Once your order is placed, our surveyor will call at the property in order to carry out final measurements. Then, the products will be manufactured.
3. Delivery and Installation – After the job has been surveyed, we will organise a time that suits you in order to carry out the installation.

Roof Lining

The quality Roofline we provide is a simple yet effective method of giving your home a facelift. All whilst improving the life span of your roof and preventing any rain flow problems in the future We install Free Foam products only, meaning you can take advantage of the Freefoam life time warranty.

Conservatory Roofs

Renovate your existing conservatory roof with the sublime alternatives we provide. Gone are the days of unsightly conservatory roofs offering nothing more than freezing winters and sweltering summers. Be it a polycarbonate, glass or tiled conservatory roof that you may be considering, we can design a bespoke roof that suits your wants and needs, all whilst making sure your conservatory is habitable all throughout the year and far more aesthetically pleasing.

Flat Roofs

Replace your tired flat roof with one of the quality EPDM rubber roofing systems we provide. These superior products have a life expectancy of 50 years. That means you’ll enjoy peace of mind regarding the state of your roof for a lifetime. Firestone™ EPDM flat and apex roofing systems are available to choose from. Skilled and experienced, our team is also capable of removing and replacing asbestos roofs. Ideal for garages, dormers, and extension roofs, the one-piece roof systems we offer mean you won’t have to suffer leaks or unsightly joins.

Weather-Proof Residential Roofs

Protect your home from the elements with a dependable Safeseal™ roof. Tiled and slated variants are available to select from. The installation services carried out by our qualified, tried-and-tested roofing experts are truly efficient and fully guaranteed. In addition, we’ll manage the provision of scaffolding and safety equipment with no additional or hidden costs.

Efficient by Design

The doors and windows we provide are A-rated when it comes to energy efficiency. The double glazed units are filled with argon gas and are internally beaded, preventing heat loss. By barring the loss of precious heat within the home, our products are bound to save you money. High-security, multi-point locking systems ensure the total safety of your abode. Plus, the windows we offer are customisable – meaning you’re free to mix and match their style to suit your property.